An Oxford-based incubator supporting technology start-ups with significant social impact.

The Ventures


Developed here in Oxford, Origen Power is a new type of power station that removes CO₂ from the atmosphere as it generates electricity. Incumbent natural gas-fired power generation technology, even with carbon capture and storage (CCGT +CCS), emit 200g CO2/kwh; whereas Origen removes 600g CO₂/kWh. Deployed at scale Origen could have a significant impact on the amount of CO2 in the air, limiting the temperature rise of the planet




An innovative low-tech controlled-environment greenhouse technology that can grow plants using 99% less water than conventional agriculture. We have proven it at bench-top scale and are now planning our first prototype. Deployed at scale, it would open up unproductive desert land to economic food production, and could have a significant impact on global food security and water conservation.